Why You Should Consider an Engagement Shoot 

Sarah & Tom

One of my most frequently asked questions is: ‘why should we have an engagement shoot?’

Perhaps you’re camera shy or it feels like another expense to add to a never-ending list. The truth is, there are numerous practical benefits to booking a pre-wedding shoot. Not only do you get to make some amazing memories, but it provides valuable practice for the big day itself. 

Take Sarah and Tom’s engagement shoot, for instance. Shot in golden wheat fields illuminated with evening sunshine, the shoot was an opportunity for the couple to relax and connect on camera. They were able to identify their favourite shots and learn how to be themselves in front of the camera. The result? A beautiful album of photographs and a greater understanding of what to expect on the big day itself. 

If you’re on the fence about having a pre-wedding shoot, check out the top reasons why I recommend pre-wedding shoots to married couples to-be. 

Camera Comfort 

When was the last time you were photographed by a professional photographer? My guess is secondary school for the yearly portraits, right? Although we’re all well versed in posing for a quick Instagram snap, having your photo taken by a professional is a whole different ball game. A lot of the couples I meet worry about looking awkward or staged. My job is to make them feel at ease, so they look candid and the chemistry shines through the image. 

You know those effortlessly romantic wedding photographs you see pop up on social media? You can guarantee that the photos at the start of the shoot were a totally different story. An engagement shoot gets the couples practicing various poses and finding their favourite angles, which helps them to breathe easier on the wedding day itself. 

A Trial Run for The Big Day 

Another top tip is book your hair and make-up trial for the same day as your engagement shoot. This gives you the chance to see how you’ll photograph on your wedding day and whether you need to suggest any changes to your hair and make-up artists. 

The engagement shoot is a great way to celebrate ahead of the big day and enjoy some time as a couple, amidst all the stress of planning a wedding. Often, couples will select a significant setting for their pre-wedding shoot, such as a first-date location or a hometown. It enables the couple to re-connect and remind themselves what all the organising, plate-spinning and strategizing is really about – a taster of the ‘it’ll all be worth it on the day’ feeling. 

Get to Know Me! 

The engagement shoot gives us the opportunity to spend some time together. It ensures that you are happy with the way I work and gives you a taster of my style. I will take note of your personalities, quirks and how you interact with each other. By identifying these details early on, I can hone in on special moments that are unique to you on the wedding day. The engagement shoot gives you the chance to clarify your likes and dislikes, so we can work towards an outcome that suits your preferences. 

If you are keen to book your engagement shoot, contact me today for a chat.