St Lawrence Gap, Trash The Dress, Barbados Wedding Photographer

Sarah & Josh Bennett

Still on total high from shooting such an amazing wedding, I couldn’t wait to shoot this trash the dress. I always try and encourage couples to do trash the dress, however on this occasion none was needed. Sarah and Josh suggested it and I of course couldn’t say no. So after waiting around all day, which felt like forever. Killing time sunbathing and of course enjoying a few relaxing beers, loving life! Golden hour arrived with my batteries recharged, flashes ready to go we headed in to the sea.

Most other trash the dress shoots I have done, the sea has been beautifully calm, not this time! I had waves crashing in to me easily up to my chest, I was having to jump to keep my equipment out of the water. This however did not put me off, I kept shooting and although both flashes and triggers decided to stop working I kept shooting. What an experience, Sarah and Josh also rocked the shoot. Both doing there best to stay up whilst waves crashed around them. This is for sure an experience I won’t forget and maybe, just maybe next time I might take a housing for the camera.

I can’t thank Sarah and Josh enough for allowing me to document their amazing wedding day and such and awesome trash the dress session.

Photographer  – Matthew Lawrence