Nick Wild Photography Workshop

The Aviator Hotel, Farnborough

Ever wonder how I got in to Wedding photography? It all started when I was asked if I would like to assist with a wedding in May 2013.

The two people who asked me are Nick Wild and Aimie Flack, the creative geniuses behind Nick Wild Photography. Nick and Aimie now live in the stunning village of Kouklia, Cyprus with their beautiful dogs Bailey and Jenson.

They have taken Cyprus by storm this year and are both still well established photographers in the United Kingdom. Nick has been the driving force behind his own success and also played a huge part in getting me to where I am now. Pushing me to believe in myself, try different techniques and still inspire me. I get to shoot with Nick on a regular basis, its great fun bouncing ideas off each other and pushing creative ideas to a whole new level.

Back in September 2013, Nick ran a workshop that I got to be a part of, it turned out to be a massive turing point for me. I didn’t attend the workshop to learn how to use my camera or how to take a photo. I attended the workshop because I wanted to know what makes you successful, how to succeed in a industry full of people, some good, some bad.

What I learnt from the workshop was being able to take an amazing photograph isn’t what makes you a successful photographer. Shooting photos at a wedding is only 25% of the work involved in being a wedding photographer. It’s the other 75% of the work you put in to your business, branding, clients and products that will (I believe) make you successful!

I did of course take my camera and get some awesome shots that day, with the help of two amazing models Claudia Nalley and Cid Jackson. It was a great day enjoyed by all who attended, I look forward to the next one.. or maybe my own one day!

Venue – The Aviator Hotel, Farnborough

Photographer – Matthew Lawrence

Models – Claudia Nalley || Cid Jackson

Thanks to – Nick Wild Photography